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  How can I contact you guys?

You can contact us by online question submission, email, phone, fax and post mail.

We recommend submitting your message by this question submitting form, it's faster than email because the normal email will be a little slow for spam/virus checking and manual classifying to those concerned.

Help us to help you - please make sure to provide our technical support staff with full details about the issue you are experiencing (your question, what software product you are using, the exact version, what operating system, etc.).

You can expect a response to your inquiry within two business days. This procedure might take up to 48 hours, but usually your message will be replied within a couple of hours only. We do reply every message, so if you do not get any response to your message after two business days, please directly resend your message via email to us, we will contact you as soon as possible.

  How can I attach code files or images to my message?

If you like to attach some example code files or screenshot pictures to your message, please send your message with attachments via email to our email address directly, we will contact you as soon as possible.

A source code sample file or a particular part of it will be greatly appreciated, code examples is very important for error checking and debugging. And we are concerned about your privacy so we must destroy your files after we finishing the debug.

Note: Please do not include source code in your email body! Because the code formatting of your source code will be destroyed by your email software so it will be difficult for us to understand your issue exactly. Please send source code samples as attachments!

We accept zip, rar, tar, tgz, gz, bz2 compression package types so please compress all your source code files into one package file. If you like to attach screenshots to your message, please send your picture files as gif, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp file types.

And please title your message with proper text, include the keywords "SourceFormatX", "Formatter", "CodeMorph" or "CodeToHtml" may as well. The message simply titled with "Hi", "Hello", "Information" would be deleted as SPAM by our anti-spam system in all probability.

  Which message type is good for my message?

Nobody likes to wait. Correct message type will reduce the wait time so please select a corresponding message type for your question. Help us to help you!

If you are unsure which department to contact, please send your message as "Sorry, I Don't Know" type then your message will be classified manually to those concerned.

  Which product should I choose?

Please select a corresponding product which you have problem with. If you want to know more detailed information of our products please visit our products.

  Where can I get the version number?

Please input the version of the product which you have problem with. You can get it from the About dialog box, please click "Help" --> "About..." menu item to get the exact version number of the software product.

  What is Order ID?

If you like to check the current status of your order, or submit a license restore requset to us, you must input your Order ID then we may process your request. The requests without Order ID would be ignored in all probability.

You can get your Order ID from your order confirmation email, this order number usually appears as "Tracking ID" if you place your order via Regsoft, and "Reference Number" if you purchase via ShareIt.

Furthermore, please provide the full name and the email address that you used for registration. After manual verifying, we will get your license file back from our database and resend it to you as soon as possible. You will get your license key file within two business days.

  What is Sec-Code?

The Sec-Code (security code) is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.

The security code is 4-letter word without case-sensitive, and there is no number character in it. If the word is too messy to read, please click the sec-code image to clarify current sec-code word or refresh your browser to get a new security code.

  Why get "Invalid Email Address" error?

Because the email address you entered is invalid, please input your true email then we can contact you correctly. We will NOT use your e-mail address that we received from your message, other than sending the reply of your questions or the product related information. Please visit privacy policy to know more about it.

As the members of Spamhaus and SORBS, we DO report every spam to these anti-spam organizations. If your IP range is listed as a spam source on their blacklists, all your emails will be blocked by over 80% mail servers of the world, even more worse.

Do not send any advertisements, spams and junk mails to us!