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SourceFormatX Code Formatter

SourceFormatX ™ Source Code Formatter

SourceFormatX is a professional multi-language code formatter, code beautifier & code indenter. It can transform any foreign source code to meet your favourite coding style or any common or pre-defined code convention automatically.

CodeMorph Code Obfuscator

CodeMorph ™ Code Obfuscator

CodeMorph is a professional multi-language source code obfuscator and code morphing software. It provides code obfuscation for the purposes of reverse engineering protection, anti-crack protection and anti-piracy protection.

CodeToHtml Converter

CodeToHtml ™ Converter

CodeToHtml is a multi-language "Code to HTML" code converter that converts source code to colorful syntax highlighted HTML, XHTML, RTF, TeX and BBCode files. It provides code2html converting for 65 programming languages.