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SourceFormatX on CD

SourceFormatX on CD

You can also order a CD-ROM or DVD version of SourceFormatX as a backup copy of the product and your license. If you were to lose the downloaded SourceFormatX products for any reason, you can unlock the full version of the product at any time using the CD and the license key again.

SourceFormatX CD costs USD $9.99 at our resellers ShareIt, in addition to the cost of the SourceFormatX licence, including worldwide shipping. The CD/DVD must be purchased when ordering the SourceFormatX license(s) at the same time, please select the 'Backup Media: A CD or DVD for your software for installation or as a backup' checkbox when you order SourceFormatX through ShareIt.

We also provide the service for producing and delivering SourceFormatX CD/DVD ourselves, through DHL, Fedex, USPS and Post Mail. It costs USD $38.99, including worldwide shipping. Please choose FastSpring below to order SourceFormatX backup CD alone from us directly.

SourceFormatX on CD
The CD contains the same full version setup file which you can download after payment.

Shipping Methods Unit Price
Online Payment
Single-User License Site License
Buy from ShareIt $9.99 ShareIt
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Buy from Us $38.99 ShareIt
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Your CD will be produced and delivered within 24 hours after payment has been received. Shipment by mail can take 5 to 15 business days within USA and EU, and 5 to 25 business days to other countries and regions.

The CD-ROM contains the same SourceFormatX full version setup file which you can download from this web site after payment. It is worthwhile checking for new updates as soon as you receive your CD, as the shipping delay may mean your CD is slightly out of date at the time of delivery.

  If you have more question about how to order CD-ROM please contact our sales department.