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What's SourceFormatX Source Code Formatter ?

Code Formatter Features

SourceFormatX is the professional source code formatter, code beautifier, code indenter, pretty printer and code cleaner for C,  C++,  Java,  C# (C Sharp),  Pascal,  Delphi (Pascal),  Visual Basic (VB),  VB.NET (VB Dot Net),  VBScript (VBS),  JavaScript (JScript / Java Script),  PHP,  ASP,  JSP,  Objective-C,  HTML,  XML,  HTML Components (HTC),  80x86 Assembly (8086 ASM),  8051 Assembly (ASM51) and CORBA IDL programming languages.

SourceFormatX Code Formatter can transform any foreign source code to meet your preferred coding style, or your company's coding standard, or any common code conventions automatically and rapidly.

Features Description

  Support 14 Languages

Format, beautify and indent 14 programming languages.

  Coding Style Customizer

GUI code style customizer to configure your own coding style.

  Predefined Coding Styles

Predefined coding style schemes for code style standardization.

  Integrate Into Your IDEs

Format source code in the most common IDEs & text editors.

  Command Line Tool

Command line tool for invoking from text editors and console.

  Advanced Code Editor

Full-function visual IDE with syntax highlight source code editor.

  Source Code Obfuscation

Obfuscate code to make it very difficult to read and comprehend.

  Export HTML/RTF/TeX

Export source code as HTML/RTF/TeX files with syntax highlighting.

Programmers spend approximately 50% of their coding time just looking at source code. Formatting source code can save your time and energy, make you more productive in your development task, and save a significant amount of an IT department's time and budget.

Here you can try to format these messy source code examples, SourceFormatX uses powerful syntax parse engines to fully analyze your source code and restructure them with user-defined coding styles, so you can exactly control the formatting of code blocks indentation, variable arrangement, comments, capitalization and preprocessing directives whatever you want.

  Preview source code formatting demo

SourceFormatX's prepackaged coding styles allow you to quickly reformat your source code files using one of the predefined common coding standards, or base on your own favourite coding style. The graphical coding style customization panel of this source formatter offers hundreds of individual coding style options to let you define your desired code formatting output exactly.

  Preview coding style control panel

SourceFormatX source code formatter offers 500 individual code formatting options to control the appearance for every supported programming language. Collectively, these settings allow precise control that will satisfy even the pickiest programmers.

Furthermore, SourceFormatX is not only a multi-language source code formatter but also a source code obfuscator that can "mess" your source code. Its obfuscators can fully obfuscate several programming languages to make your source code extremely messy and very difficult to read and comprehend, which are for the purposes of source code protection and security.

SourceFormatX source code formatter also can export your source code as HTML, XHTML, BBCode, RTF and TeX files with colorful syntax highlighting. Don't waste time on formatting and indenting source code by hand any more! Download Free Trial Now!

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