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Here's a great opportunity to receive a free registration! You can get a free license of SourceFormatX in one of below 2 ways:


We will give you a free license of SourceFormatX Pro (worth $36.99) as bonus for translating the interface of SourceFormatX into

Swedish,   Finnish,   Norwegian,   Korean

All language files could be found in SourceFormatX/Language/ directory, you can translate the sfx_cus_gui.ini and sfx_cus_cfg.ini files from English into destination language.

  Please translate the part that after the "=" sign into your language.

  The & sign in some words means shortcut, the double '&&' means '&' sign. You may ignore them if you like.

  You had better use short words as possible as you can, because long sentences may not be shown entirely.

You can email your translated file to our development department. As soon as we confirm your work, we will give you a free license of SourceFormatX Pro (worth $36.99), and add your name to acknowledgement.

We hope to hear from you soon!


If you like SourceFormatX, and write an article introducing SourceFormatX to other people, or paste your recommendation in some popular programming or web design forums, please contact our sales department to get a free license. If the article is on the Internet, include its URL address. If the article appears in a traditional medium such as newspaper or magazine, it should be scanned to a JPG file. Articles may be published in any language and in any media.

After we verified your aritcle, you will get a free license of SourceFormatX Pro (worth $36.99) as bonus.

We hope to hear from you soon!