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CodeMorph Source Code Obfuscator

CodeMorph Code Obfuscator is the source code obfuscating software designed to inhibit reverse engineering of software by converting the naked machine code to obfuscated code, making the decompiled assembly code far less readable and almost impossible to understand by disassemblers and human being.

CodeMorph source code obfuscator inserts junk instructions into source code to turn binary code into an undecipherable mess that is not similar to normal compiled code, and completely hides execution logic of the protected code.

Features Description>

  Random Junk Instruction

Randomly generate and insert junk code to source code files.

  Individual Insert Options

Individual code insert options for execution logic randomization.

  Junk Code Customization

Customizing and adding new junk codes and junk instructions.

  Preprocessing Junk Code

Preprocessing directives and inline style junk code inserting.

CodeMorphcode obfuscator is an professional commercial solution which offers code obfuscation for C/C++ and Delphi (Pascal) compiling language, to protect software applications from reverse engineering, analysis, trace and cracking. After obfuscating by CodeMorph code obfuscator, disassembling, analysing, tracing and cracking your software will become a painful work!

CodeMorph C++ Code Obfuscator randomly generate and insert assembly junk instructions as inline and macro code into your C and C++ source code with customization options for execution logic obfuscation.

  CodeMorph C/C++ Code Obfuscator

CodeMorph Delphi Code Obfuscator randomly generate and insert assembly junk instructions as inline and preprocessing directives code into your Delphi and Pascal source code for code obfuscation.

  CodeMorph Delphi Code Obfuscator


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