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CodeMorph Code Obfuscator Features

CodeMorph Code Obfuscator is a special development tool used for the purposes of reverse engineering protection, anti-crack protection, anti-debugging, and anti-trace and anti-piracy protection.

CodeMorph code obfuscator tool is also called as "Code Morphing Software". This technology protects the code on the CPU-command level. CodeMorph inserts lots of random useless instructions to breaks up the protected code into several processor commands or small command snippets and replace them by others, while maintaining the same end result.

Category Feature Description


C / C++

Fully support C and C++. Generate and insert assembly junk code as inline and macro code into C/C++ code.

Delphi / Pascal

Fully support Delphi (Object Pascal) and Pascal. Generate and insert assembly junk instructions as inline code and preprocessing directives code into Delphi and Pascal code.

Obfuscate Directory

Obfuscate all source code of destination folders rapidly and automatically with source code backup mechanism.

Command Line Tool

Command line tool for invoking from IDEs, source code editors and DOS console mode.


GUI Style Customizer

GUI configuration customizer to configure all individual junk code inserting options.

Real-Time Preview

With real-time preview function, setting coding style is obvious and easy. What you see is what you get.

Junk Code Customization

Junk code customization and adding new user-defined junk code instructions.



Online documentation and help file in CHM format directs users to make the best use of CodeMorph.

Online FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about how to use CodeMorph code obfuscators.

Context Help

Use a simple click to get quick context help of the corresponding menu items and tool buttons.

  After obfuscating by CodeMorph code obfuscator, analysing and tracing your software will become a painful work!