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CodeToHtml Code To HTML Converter helps speed up the code2html conversion of 78 programming languages source code into different format including HTML, XHTML, BBCode, RTF and TeX.

As a programmer or web developer, you may need to translate some source code to HTML code. This operation is tedious and usually takes long time. By using CodeToHtml code2html converter you can easily convert any source code to HTML, XHTML, BBCode, RTF, TeX format, saving your precious time!

Category Feature Description

Code2HTML Conversion


Support 78 Languages

C, C++, Java, C#, Pascal, VB, VB.NET, PHP, ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, Python, Perl, Ruby, Lua, SQL, D, Fortran, LISP, COBOL, Foxpro, CSS and more.

Convert to HTML/XHTML

Convert source code files to HTML and XHTML file with colorful syntax highlighting.

Convert to BBCode

Convert source code files to BBCode file with colorful syntax highlighting.

Convert to RTF

Convert source code files to RTF file with colorful syntax highlighting.

Convert to TeX

Convert source code files to TeX file with colorful syntax highlighting.

Convert Directory

Convert all source code of destination folders rapidly and automatically to colorful syntax highlighted HTML, XHTML, BBCode, RTF and TeX files.

Command Line Tool

Command line tool for invoking from IDEs, source code editors and DOS console mode.

Output Styles

Output Styles

GUI Style Customizer

GUI customizer to configure all your favourite HTML layout style settings.

Real-Time Preview

With real-time preview function, setting output style is obvious and easy. What you see is what you get.

Predefined Layout Styles

Predefined HTML output styles schemes allow you to quickly convert source code files using your favourite HTML code output style.

Syntax Highlighting

User-defined colorful syntax highlighting for customizing language elements such as keywords, comments and documentations in different colors.

Line Number

Display line number clearly in the left part of each line for HTML and XHTML files.




Online documentation and help file in CHM format directs users to make the best use of CodeToHtml.

Context Help

Use a simple click to get quick context help from the Code2Html converter CHM format help file.

FAQs Help

The Frequently Asked Questions about how to use CodeToHtml code to html converter.

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