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ASP Source Code Beautifier


SourceFormatX ASP Source Code Beautifier tool accepts ASP source code files and reorganizes the ASP code files to neatly beautified and indented code blocks according to the ASP, VBScript and JavaScript programming language syntax and your preferred ASP coding style options.

You can see the ASP Source Code Formatting Demo - an example of ASP source code formatting results, SourceFormatX ASP Code Beautifier can exactly control the code formatting of code blocks indentation, arrangement, comments, line wrapping etc of ASP source code files.

The ASP source code beautifier of SourceFormatX Source Code Beautifier is based on powerful ASP parser engine and VBScript / JavaScript parser engine so you can exactly control the beautifying details of code blocks, comments and strings whatever you want. SourceFormatX ASP Code Beautifier is ideal for making obtuse and messy code clear. It allows all of your ASP source code to be presented in a consistent style of your choosing, it provides numerous source code style, operations options and batch or single file processing.

Try ASP code beautifier free trial now! It can beautify any ASP source code to your preferred style in a matter of seconds!

ASP Code Beautifier Features

  • Indent the Functions, Comments, Strings and Other Elements with Customization Options.
  • Customize the Indentation Step Distance.
  • Brace Style Transformation.
  • Intelligent Line Breaks and Wrapping.
  • Intelligent Line Combination.
  • Intelligent VBScript and JavaScript processing.
  • Alignment and Sorting of Source Code Elements.
  • Intelligent Single Line Comments, Multi-Line Comments Indentation and Elimination.
  • Defining and Adding Header and Footer Templates.
  • Support for VBDoc, Doxygen, CCDoc Documentation.
  • Uniform White Space Conventions.
  • Uniform String Conventions.
  • Tab2Space and Space2Tab Conversion.
  • Batch Formatting Processing.
  • Integrations for Text Editors: UltraEdit, Textpad, Editplus...
  • Powerful GUI and Command Line Interface.
  • Conversion between Unicode, ASCII, Unix, Mac Character Encodings.

Some general ASP beautifier tools use special string processing methods to implement the beautifying process. This can work pretty well for many sample files. But it often fails, even mess the original files when multi-line strings and HTML code are encountered, as they always are in large projects of modern web development.

The most reliable way to build a look-and-feel ASP code beautifier which fully supports the ASP script standard. The SourceFormatX ASP Beautifier works this way, because it is based on the powerful ASP / VBScript / JavaScript syntax parser engines to parse and restructure ASP script files. That's why SourceFormatX ASP Code Beautifier both beautify and obfuscate ASP source code files.

SourceFormatX ASP Code Beautifier offers many single beautifying / indenting options to control the appearance of your ASP source code. Generally speaking, these options allow precise control that will satisfy even the pickiest ASP programmers and engineers.

  Don't waste time over beautifying ASP code by hand any more!  Download SourceFormatX ASP Code Beautifier to beautify and indent ASP source code scripts exactly the way you want it today!