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Why Use SourceFormatX Code Formatter ?

SourceFormatX Features

80% of the lifetime cost of a piece of software goes to maintenance. Hardly any software is maintained for its whole life by the original author. And the source code that bought from third party companies or downloaded from the Internet always have various coding style. How can we read and comprehend it?

SourceFormatX Code Formatter improve the readability of the software source code, allowing software programmers and engineers to understand new source code more quickly and thoroughly.

  Improves readability

Your source code layout will always meet your preferred coding style or the expectations coding formatting style by your development team no matter a source code file was written by whom.

  Enhance team work

All of you can concentrate on the coding and implementation issues, instead of spending time struggling with the coding style. Developers may even write code in whatever style they prefer, just formatting it before they submit files to the project manager or the repository.

  Save time and energy

Source code formatter can help you to save time understanding the source code you just downloaded from the Internet. Avoid the annoyance of scanning messy source code that with various source styles. Code formatters can make programmers more productive in this task, saving a significant amount of an IT department's time and budget.

  Accurately represents the logical structure

That's the primary purpose of code formatting. Indendation, white space, comments and line wrapping are used in a sensible way to show the structure of your code exactly. Scope levels are always correctly indented, braces and brackets are always found at the same places.

  Clarify, comprehend and help find errors

A well beautified source code file is pleasant to read. Studies have shown that consistently beautified source code is actually easier to understand and remember. formatting your source code with SourceFormatX code formatter ensures that source code is laid out following the syntactically correct flow of logic, thereby avoiding misleading code and highlighting difficult to track down logic errors.

  Integrate into IDEs and source editors seamlessly

SourceFormatX tightly integrates into the popular IDEs and text editors to make use of all the advanced features that a modern development environment provides. It greatly saves time and increases the productivity of your developers team.

  Want to know the principle of SourceFormatX formatter? Please check How dose SourceFormatX code formatter work?

  Don't waste time on formatting source code by hand any more!  Download SourceFormatX source code formatter now!