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SourceFormatX Testimonials

SourceFormatX is the Best!

SourceFormatX code formatter is the leading commercial source style solution among all source code formatter tools and has proven its functionality and stability worldwide.

More than 500 companies and organizations are utilizing SourceFormatX code formatter to achieve better source code quality.

Our customers come from extensive fields including software development, web design, e-commerce, semi-conductor, aviation, automotive and educational institutions etc. They proved SourceFormatX code formatter is the best one in this field.

SourceFormatX Testimonials

What do programmers love about SourceFormatX Source Code Formatter? Read on customer's comments!

User Comments

  SourceFormatX is about 99% of what I am looking for in this type of software and the interface is terrific! You have done a magnificent job and I will certainly tell others about your product. You may also include me on any future product announcements you have.  

- William Phinizy 

  Your software is nothing but wonderful! Great job!  (From one of many happy users)  

- Hiroshi Nishimura 

  I have spent most of my 20 years managing development teams for the fortune 500. Your tool is the only one I have found that meets the needs of our team. This is a great help since we use a fair number of these to gain cross system portability.  

- Joseph Ellsworth 

  Thanks for the effort! As I mentioned earlier, SourceFormatX is saving us a lot of time as we convert some ancient code to run under Windows XP.  

- Gregor Brandt 

  Brilliant! Thank you for writing SourceFormatX! I am very pleased with it. It's cool!  

- Sébastien Philippot 

  First off, thanks for SourceFormatX! It's saving me a bunch of time.  

- Bruce Bayer 

  Your program does an excellent job of formatting the code, and I would very much like to be able to use it for my work.  

- Joel Finch 

  Congratulations, SourceFormatX is helping us very much. Nice thing to have!  

- Michael Gabor 

  I would like to say what a superb product you have written and that your support and help is excellent. I am very, very impressed.  

- Heiner Nieuwenhuis 

  I really like SourceFormatX, just what I need to standardize the code in my development teams.  

- Philippe O'Rourke 

  We just love SourceFormatX! It has really solved a lot of our problems.  

- Dean Scott 

  I got the license file and formatted all the projects i had downloaded from Internet immediately, the only thing i want to say is 'It's Great!'...  

- Hankan Nilsson 

  Thanks so much for SourceFormatX. I've just recently discovered it and it's wonderful!  

- Joseph Moriah 

  I buyed license, SourceFormatX is superb application!!!!!!! How can I become beta-tester of new version?...  

- Lukasz Chojnowski 

  Thanks so much for the prompt response, and for the outstanding support. I found your SourceFormatX to be a very nice product, your team should be proud of itself!  

- Radhakrishnan Jivani 

  I am so happy that I found your cool product - SourceFormatX!.  

- Kwon Kyoung Lee 

  I downloaded SourceFormatX from Tucows, and currently evaluating it... I think it's a very useful tool...  

- Carlos Romero 

  I've been using SourceFormatX regularly and now can't live without it. It's a very useful and super tool for programmers...  

- Cheng Chun Kuo 

  Don't waste time on formatting source code manually any more! Download SourceFormatX Code Formatter Now!