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How Dose SourceFormatX Work?

A source code formatter accepts a source code file, and generates another equivalent source code file which is nicely reformatting according to the source language syntax or your customization options, including code blocks indentation, normalized case for keywords and identifiers, line wrapping, comment style transformation etc.

Many conventional source code formatting tools use special string processing methods to implement the code formatting process. This can work pretty well for many sample files. But it often fails when multiple statements per line, nested comments, comments around incomplete blocks of code or keywords, obscure language features such as escapes in quoted strings, etc. are encountered, as they always are in large systems of software. The result of such failure is badly formatted source text, or worse, source code that is no longer is acceptable to the compilers.

The most reliable way to build a look-and-feel source code formatter is to parse the source language according to the source language lexical and syntax rules. This ensures that the syntax structures found match those of the programming language.

SourceFormatX code formatter works this way, because it is built around the powerful Syntax Parser Engines to parse and restructure source files. That's why the code formatting effect of SourceFormatX source code formatter is wonderful.

Now you can check out the code formatting demo of SourceFormatX code beautifier to know the code reformatting ability of SourceFormatX's syntax parse engines. Action speaks louder than words.

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