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Integrate SourceFormatX Into CodeWright

Format Source Code within CodeWright

The following instructions allow you to reformat and indent the current open source code file in CodeWright using SourceFormatX Code Formatter command line tool. We used an evaluation version of CodeWright 7.5, so if you use an older or even a newer version then several screenshots or menu items may differ from our description.

  Add a Tool Menu that will invoke SourceFormatX

1. Click "Project" -> "Properties...".

2. Select the "Tools" page.

3. Select the "Settings For:" combo box to "All Configurations" item.

4. Select the "Category:" combo box to "Custom" item.

5. Click the "New" button in the "Description:" box to create a new tool.

6. Enter "SourceFormatX" as new tool's name.

7. In "Command:" box, click the "Browse" (...) button to select the SourceFormatX.exe main executable file. And please put quotation marks " " around the path if it has blank space(s).

8. After adding the SourceFormatX.exe executable file, then enter " %r%e" arguments string. Please note there is one blank space between "SourceFormatX.exe" and "%r%e".

9. Assuming you installed SourceFormatX in C:\Program Files\SourceFormatX\, the form should be shown as below:

10. Then, check the "Background" check box in the "Command Options:" box.

11. Click "OK" button to save settings.

  You may now invoke SourceFormatX command line tool by:

1. By clicking "Tools" -> "SourceFormatX".

2. After hearing the bell sound, please refresh CodeWright IDE then click the "Reload document" button to reload the formatted code file.

  Don't waste time on reformatting C/C++ code by hand any more!  Download SourceFormatX to format source code today!