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Integrate SourceFormatX Into Programmers Notepad

Format Source Code within Programmer's Notepad

The following instructions allow you to format and indent the current open source code file in Programmer's Notepad using SourceFormatX command line tool. We used a freeware version of Programmers Notepad, so if you use an older or even a newer version then several screenshots or menu items may differ from our description.

  Add a Tool Menu that will invoke SourceFormatX

1. Click "Tools" -> "Add Tools...".

2. Click the "Add" button to add a new user tool.

3. Fill in the form as show below: (Assuming you installed SourceFormatX in C:\Program Files\SourceFormatX\)

  • Name:          SourceFormatX
  • Command:    C:\Program Files\SourceFormatX\SourceFormatX.exe
  • Folder:          %d
  • Parameters:  %f
  • Shortcut:       Ctrl+Shift+T
  • Save:            None

4. Check the "This tool will modify the current file" checkbox.

5. Click "OK" button to save settings.

  You may now invoke SourceFormatX command line tool by two ways:

1. Using Ctrl+Shift+T

2. By clicking "Tools" -> "SourceFormatX".

  Still formatting source code by hand?  Use SourceFormatX Code Formatter to format and indent source code within editor!