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Source Code Obfuscation

SourceFormatX ™ is not only a code formatter but also a code obfuscator which provides code obfuscation for your source code, such as removing indentation and whitespace, re-wrapping all code blocks, and stripping comments.

SourceFormatX code obfuscators can fully obfuscate dozens of programming languages, converting them to obfuscated code, making the source code far less readable and almost impossible to understand by a human being, for technical protection of intellectual property when:

  • Your source code must be delivered to the third party or the public.

  • Your source code of commerical components must be delivered in source form for integrating by customers into their end software products directly.

  • Your source code of your commerical products must be sent to your vendors for testing or debugging purposes.

  • Decreasing the size of your source code, such as JavaScript, HTML and XHTML source code.

Source code obfuscator accepts a programming source code file, and generates another functionally equivalent source code file which is much harder to read and comprehend. Generally speaking, code obfuscation is the opposition process of code formatting, used for the purposes of source code security, technical protection and intellectual property protection.

SourceFormatX code obfuscator is built around the syntax parser engine to parse and rebuild source code files. With its robust individual obfuscating customzation options, you can obfuscate your source code as your like, to make your source code extremely messy and very difficult to read and understand by human being.

SourceFormatX product series provide code obfuscating for these programming language:

  • JavaScript

  • HTML


  • XML

  • JSP

  • HTML Components

Code Morphing Software (Code Obfuscator) is a correlative topic of code obfuscation tool. Obfuscator only obfuscates the text source code files, in fact, after formatting and compiling, the compiled binary file is same as the binary file that compiled from original source code, but the code obfuscation by code morphing technology protects the code on the CPU-command level. Our product CodeMorph also offers code obfuscation and code encryption for reverse engineering protection and anti-crack protection purposes.