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SourceFormatX Source Code Indenter


SourceFormatX Code Indenter - A powerful, flexible, multi-language and easy-to-use source code indenter for C, C++, Java, C# (C Sharp), Pascal, Delphi (Object Pascal), Visual Basic (VB), VB.NET (VB Dot Net), VBScript (VBS), JavaScript (JScript / Java Script), PHP, ASP, JSP, HTML, XML, HTML Components (HTC), Objective-C, D, 80x86 Assembly (8086 ASM), 8051 Assembly (ASM51) and CORBA IDL programming languages.

The predefined coding style packages of SourceFormatX source code indenter let you to quickly reformat your code using an existing code standard, or base your own favourite coding style. The graphical coding style customization panel of SourceFormatX provides hundreds of individual coding style options to allow you define your favourite code indenting style exactly and easily.

Features Description

  Support 14 Languages

Indent and reformat dozens of programming languages.

  Coding Style Customizer

GUI code style customizer to configure your own coding style.

  Predefined Coding Styles

Predefined coding style schemes for code style standardization.

  Integrate Into Your IDEs

Indent source code in the most common IDEs and code editors.

  Command Line Tool

Command line tool for invoking from code editors and console.

  Advanced Code Editor

Powerful visual IDE with syntax highlight source code editor.

With SourceFormatX code indenter, source code files can be well-formatted and easy to read. However, often the style and presentation of source code is differ in thousands ways when programmer's write them. Obviously, the properly indented source code is much easier to understand, and subsequently easier to modify and maintain.

Before Code Indenting After Code Indenting
   /* Before Code Indenting */

   int Sample_Func(int a,int b){int r;while(b){

   /* After Code Indenting */

   int Sample_Func(int a, int b)
     int r;
     while (b)
       r = a % b;
       a = b;
       b = r;
     return (a);

SourceFormatX Source Code Indenter is the best commercial solution for code indenting and coding style standardization, it has proven its functionality and stability worldwide. SourceFormatX aims to support the widest range of coding styles for the software development companies all over the world.

  Don't waste time over indenting source code manually any more! Download SourceFormatX code indent tool free trial now!