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C/C++ Source Code Beautifier

SourceFormatX C/C++ Code Beautifier reorganizes C and C++ source code to neatly beautify code blocks according to the C and C++ programming language syntax and your preferred style options, such as indentation, comment style, line wrapping, etc.


SourceFormatX C++ code beautifier offers over 100 individual code beautifying options to control the appearance for C and C++ languages. It also prepackages several common C/C++ style schemes (such as GNU, Stroustrup, Ellemtel) for coding style standardization.

  Preview coding style control panel

An example of SourceFormatX C++ Code Beautifier's beautifying results can be seen from C/C++ source code beautifying demo. SourceFormatX C++ is based on ANSI C / ANSI C++ compatible syntax parse engines so it not only beautify C/C++ source code files but also can obfuscate them.

  Preview source code beautifying demo

SourceFormatX C++ Code Beautifier Features

  • Indent the Function Blocks, Comments, Preprocessing Directives with Customization Options.
  • Customize the Indentation Step Distance.
  • Brace Style Transformation.
  • Intelligent Line Breaks and Wrapping.
  • Intelligent Line Combination.
  • Alignment and Sorting of Source Code Elements.
  • Intelligent Preprocessing Directive Style Transformation.
  • Fully support for Preprocessing Directive and Macros.
  • Intelligent Single Line Comments, Multi-Line Comments Indentation and Elimination.
  • Defining and Adding Header and Footer Templates.
  • Support for Doxygen, CCDoc, JavaDoc Documentation.
  • Uniform White Space Conventions.
  • Tab2Space and Space2Tab Conversion.
  • Individual File and Batch Formatting Processing.
  • Integrations for IDEs: VC++, Microsoft .NET 7, C++Builder...
  • Integrations for Source Editors: UltraEdit, Textpad, Editplus...
  • Powerful GUI and Command Line Interface.
  • Conversion between Unicode, ASCII, Unix, Mac Character Encodings.
  • Obfuscate and Scramble C/C++ Source Code to make code difficult to Read and Comprehend.

SourceFormatX C++ Code Beautifier can make all of your C++ and C source code to be presented in a consistent style of your choosing, it provides numerous source code style and individual operations options to control the appearance of your C and C++ source code. Generally speaking, these options allow precise control that will satisfy even the pickiest C/C++ programmers and engineers.

SourceFormatX C++ Beautifier is based on a powerful ANSI C++ compatible parser engine so you can exactly control the code beautifying details of code blocks, comments and directives whatever you want. It is ideal for making messy and obtuse C/C++ code clear.

  Download and Try C++ Code Beautifier Now! It will beautify any C++ and C source code to your preferred style in a few seconds!