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SourceFormatX C/C++ Code Formatter Features

SourceFormatX C++ Code Formatter allows all of your C and C++ source code to be presented in a consistent format of your preferred choosing, it provides popular C/C++ code formatting style schemes and numerous operations options as well as batch or individual code file processing.

With SourceFormatX, Any foreign C and C++ source code files can be automatically formatted to meet your favourite coding style, or the coding standard of your development team, or any common code conventions.

Category Feature Description


Format Individual File

Format single source code file neatly and automatically with omnifarious coding styles schemes.

Format Directory

Format all C/C++ code of destination folders rapidly and automatically with various code styles schemes.

Format to HTML/XHTML

Format C and C++ source code to code folding HTML/XHTML files with colorful syntax highlighting.

Predefined Style Schemes

Prepackaged C/C++ coding style schemes allow you to quickly reformat code using your favourite code style, or base the preferred coding standard of your team.

C/C++ Code Obfuscation

Obfuscate C and C++ source code to make your source code very difficult to read and comprehend.


Integrate with IDEs

Microsoft Visual C++ 6, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, C++Builder, Eclipse, Dev C++, CodeWright...

Integrate with Editors

UltraEdit, SlickEdit, TextPad, EditPlus, Source Insight, EditPad Pro, ConText, EmEditor, Notepad++, AnyEdit, SourceEdit, Crimson Editor, Programmer's Notepad...

Integrate with Explorer

Right click in Windows Explorer for quick code formatting.

Command Line Tool

Command line tool for invoking from IDEs, source code editors and DOS console mode.


GUI Style Customizer

GUI customizer to configure all your favourite source style settings and schemes.

Real-Time Preview

With real-time preview function, setting coding style is obvious and easy. What you see is what you get.

C/C++ Style Customizer

Brace style, function indent, class body indent, case indent, comment alignment, line wrapping...

Documentation System

Support Doxygen, CCDoc, DOC++, CppDoc, JavaDoc documentation systems.


Syntax Highlighting

Customized colorful syntax highlighting provides a visual clue to the validity of different code components such as keywords and comments in different colors.

Line Number

Display and Jump File line number clearly displays the edit position. Goto dialog box can lead you to quickly jump to a certain line of the file.

Auto Indent

Auto layout code format based on context.

Bracket Location

Bracket location provides a visual clue to the scope covered by various bracket/brace combinations.


Search/Replace in local/remote single/multiple file(s) with regular expressions support.


Insert bookmarks to frequently used positions of the source codes.


Export as HTML/XHTML

Export C/C++ code as HTML, XHTML or BBCode file with colorful syntax highlighting.

Export as RTF

Export C/C++ code as RTF file with syntax highlighting.

Export as TeX

Export C/C++ code as TeX file with syntax highlighting.



Online documentation and help file in CHM format directs users to make the best use of SourceFormatX.

Context Help

Use a simple click to get quick context help.


Frequently Asked Questions about SourceFormatX.


SourceFormatX introduction tutorial in HTML format directs users how to format file and customize source style.

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