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Integrate SourceFormatX Into Notepad++

Format Source Code within Notepad++

The following instructions allow you to format, beautify and indent the current open source code file in Notepad++ Source Code Editor using the command line tool of SourceFormatX code formatter & code beautifier. We used a freeware version of Notepad 4.1.2, so if you use an older or even a newer version then several screenshots or menu items may differ from our description.

  Add a Console Tool that will invoke SourceFormatX code formatter

1. Click "Plugins" -> "NppExec" -> "Execute...".

2. Assuming you installed SourceFormatX indenter in C:\Program Files\SourceFormatX\, fill in the "Command(s):" form as show below:

  • C:\Program Files\SourceFormatX\SourceFormatX.exe $(FILE_NAME)

3. Click "Save" button to save settings.

  You may now invoke the command line tool of SourceFormatX code beautifier by two ways:

1. Using "F6".

2. By clicking "Plugins" -> "NppExec" -> "Execute...".

3. After formatting, a sound of bell can be heard then please refresh Notepad++ IDE window to reload the formatted source code file.

  Don't waste time on formatting and indenting code by hand any more!  Download SourceFormatX to beautify and format code now!