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SourceFormatX Pretty Printer

SourceFormatX Pretty Printer Features

SourceFormatX pretty printer is the multi-language pretty printer that can automatically pretty print any foreign source code to produce source code with your favourite coding style or any existed common code conventions.

SourceFormatX product series provide pretty printers for C, C++, Java, C# (C Sharp), Delphi (Pascal), Visual Basic (VB), VB.NET (VB Dot Net), VBScript (VBS), JavaScript (JScript), PHP, ASP, JSP, HTML, XML, HTML Components (HTC), Objective-C, D, 80x86 Assembly (8086 ASM), 8051 Assembly (ASM51) and CORBA IDL programming languages.

Features Description

  Support 14 Languages

Pretty print, reformat and beautify 14 programming languages.

  Code Style Customizer

GUI coding style customizer to configure your own code style.

  Predefined Coding Styles

Predefined code style schemes for coding style standardization.

  Integrate Into Your IDEs

Prettyprint source code in the most common code editors & IDEs.

  Command Line Tool

Command line tool for invoking from text editors and console.

  Advanced Code Editor

Professional visual IDE with syntax highlight source code editor.

SourceFormatX Pretty Printer prepackages several common coding style schemes for converting and pretty printing source code files from one code formatting style to another. It also provides hundreds of precise code style options in the graphical control panel to exactly control the appearance of source code.

  Preview code style control panel

You can check out the code pretty printing effect of SourceFormatX code formatter to know the pretty print ability of Draupnir Software's syntax parse engines. Action speaks louder than words.

  Preview code formatting demo


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If you work with a team with no set coding style, or if you deal with lots of third-party source code files, then you've almost certainly had to face the source code in varying coding styles. When you comprehend code that is not in your own coding style, you have to spend more time understanding its meaning. If the code could be automatically reformatted into your style, you'd save time and save your concentration for more important things, and make your job easier.

Before Pretty Printing After Pretty Printing
   /* Before Pretty Printing */

   int foo(int k){if(k==11)printf("hello!\n");else
  printf("good bye!\n");}

   /* After Pretty Printing */

   int foo(int k)
     if (k == 11)
       printf("good bye!\n");

The best solution for it is SourceFormatXPretty Printer. With sophisticated and innovative SourceFormatX code pretty printer tool, you just choose from any of the standard coding styles or define your personal or company coding style using graphical coding style customization panel, reformatting your source code will automatically finished within a couple of seconds.

  Don't waste time on pretty printing source code by hand any more! Download SourceFormatX pretty printer free trial now!